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Student Employee Appreciation Award

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The Libraries and Learning Commons at the University of LaVerne, is pleased to announce our first Student Employee Appreciation award. 

The Student Employee Appreciation Award recognizes individuals who contribute to the quality of student life and the University of LaVerne community.

Those chosen have demonstrated a significant impact on students in respect to involvement, engagement, or success along with commitment that is truly above and beyond expectations of their role. These employees have demonstrated outstanding dedication and contribution to the efforts and success in their respective departments within the Learning Commons.

Student staff are evaluated based on reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution. 


On behalf of the Libraries and Learning Commons at the University of LaVerne, we are pleased to announce our Spring 2021 Student Employee Appreciation award winners.


Academic Coach: Kristi Ambriz 

Kristi has demonstrated conscientiousness, sensitivity, and forward-thinking when it’s come to supporting students as an Academic Coach. She routinely considers the whole student, and their experiences, in order to offer the utmost support. She connects with additional campus resources as necessary, locates and shares resources with students during and after sessions, and maintains clear communication in articulating the needs of students and how they may be effectively fulfilled. 


Academic Technology Specialist: Sabrina Herrera 

Sabrina Herrera has proven to be someone who takes initiative to help and lead when needed. When there was a need to advertise events, Sabrina Herrera organized a publicity group of about 5 people for the ATS and prepared a replacement within that group for when she graduates. When we needed someone to conduct virtual labs/presentations for classes, she was always willing and sometimes even stepped in at the last minute to perform topnotch presentations. When we announce optional projects, she often volunteers for them and recommends workshops that she could do. Even when she is Not on the clock for tech support, she posts through the ATS instant messaging app articles and solutions to issues that other workers post. By her actions, Sabrina Herrera has shown herself a leader and an example within the ATS department.


Communication Specialist: Sienna Ruiz 

Sienna is helpful, caring, creative, and happy to offer service no matter the task. She has exemplified excellent leadership and is not afraid to share ideas to better serve the university community. Recently, due to the demands of my own position, she has stepped up to take on additional tasks and has shown a willingness to learn new software programs to help complete those projects.


Consultant: Jesus Ramirez 

Jesus has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the students he serves. Not only does he support them during consultations, but he also routinely follows up his appointments by sending students additional resources, practice worksheets, and he often creates his own resources based on students’ expressed challenges. In addition, Jesus has contributed greatly to the resources that are available on the Student Resource Portal as well as willingly took on a transcription project with the Title IV grant. 


Data Assessment Specialist: Jenna De Leon 

Through her attention to detail and thoroughness in her work, Jenna has been a strong contributor to the Data Assessment team.  This year, Jenna has continued to maintain the standards we work towards in terms of accuracy and consistency, while supporting group cohesiveness and collaboration amongst the team.  Jenna is deserving of this recognition and appreciation. 


Information Specialist: Pi’ikea Clemens 

This past year, she has been very attentive monitoring the LibAnswers chat and question queue during her shifts. She is eager to help where she is needed, whether that’s changes to her shift to help cover gaps in late night coverage or filling in for her fellow student workers when they are not able to come in and make their shifts available.


Student Initiatives Specialist: Esilanna McMenamin 

Esilanna has displayed great leadership and investment within the SIS position this academic year. She continually goes above and beyond, not only in supporting ASC student workers, but also in developing new and improved procedures, assessment practices, and ASC offerings. She is always innovative, dedicated, and committed to enhancing ASC services, and she does so with great enthusiasm, wanting students to receive the most effective support possible. 


Student Learning Assistant: Lucine Karapetian 

Lucy has displayed great investment in her duties as an SLA. Her example of SLA support, and its potential, is superb. Lucy meets individually with students for one-on-one support, she routinely develops and facilitates group sessions, and she is a consistent presence in the course she supports. While some SLA support often remains within the classroom, Lucy extends that support outside the classroom, making herself a resource to students so they, too, can be successful.  


Congrats, everyone!