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Student Appreciation Award Winners

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Each semester, the Libraries and Learning Commons (LLC) hosts a Staff Appreciation Day to celebrate our amazing student workers and all they’ve accomplished over the past few months. In addition to having games and food, this event also serves as an opportunity to recognize graduating staff members and award one student employee from each department who’s gone above and beyond in their work over the past semester.

These students are highlighted below, and we’d like to give them and all our staff members a huge thank you for everything they do! The LLC wouldn’t be the same without them.

Congrats to all!

Academic Coach – Brenda Rubio

Brenda has been an amazing and irreplaceable asset to the Academic Coach team. She shows genuine interest in the students she supports, and she always strives to be equipped for all her sessions. Brenda has been communicative, in advance, when she has had questions regarding appropriate support for her students, sharing her ideas and soliciting feedback from her supervisor. When thinking about Brenda, the word that comes to mind is thoughtful. She has added so much to the team with her background and preparation in school counseling, and we know her students have received kind, compassionate, and intentional support in their efforts at ULV. Thank you so much, Brenda, for your conscientious efforts and commitment to ULV students and the ASC – we appreciate you!


Academic Technology & Software Development Specialist – Reiniery Villalta

Since joining the software development team, Rei has consistently showcased exceptional programming skills and a strong instinct for software engineering. With minimal guidance, Rei has successfully executed complex projects involving database-driven applications and user interface design, demonstrating remarkable quality in their work. I am thoroughly impressed by Rei’s talent and eagerly anticipate witnessing their future contributions to software development. Thank you for all your work Rei. We appreciate you!


ASC Office Assistant – Ameren Roberts

Ameren stands out as an exemplary member of the Office Assistants in the Academic Success Center, embodying qualities that make her an invaluable asset to the ASC. With strong communication skills and efficiency, Ameren ensures that tasks are not only completed promptly but also to the highest standard, in true Ameren fashion. Her unwavering dedication to personal growth and participation in new initiatives demonstrates a commendable willingness to learn and adapt. Ameren’s proactive approach to providing feedback to her supervisors and peers contributes to the enhancement of ASC operations, reflecting on her commitment to improvement. Whether it’s her early alert audit project with Savannah or her tact in handling challenging situations with thoughtfulness and grace, Ameren consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Her positive personality and dependable nature make her a cornerstone of the ASC community, deserving of recognition for her outstanding contributions. Thank you Ameren! You are intentional, knowledgeable, and a wonderful individual that brings warmth and joy to the space!



ASC Promotions Coordinator – Kimberly Equihua

Kimberly is a shining example of dedication and innovation within the ASC’s promotions team. Her strong communication skills and early bird shift mentality ensure that projects are tackled head-on and deadlines are consistently met. What truly sets Kimberly apart is her boundless creativity and innovative thinking. She goes above and beyond in her role, constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new avenues for promotional material. Kimberly’s artistic eye is evident in every design she produces by creating realistic spaces, layouts, and images; she has a willingness to learn about Canva and share resources and knowledge that enriches the entire team. Beyond her professional prowess, Kimberly’s sweet personality and funny demeanor makes her a joy to work with, adding a delightful spark to every project she undertakes. She is truly deserving of recognition for her outstanding contributions to the team. Kimberly, thank you for all the work you do, the ideas you bring, and for being an amazing human!



Library Assistant – Echo Pauley

Echo has proven to be an incredibly dependable student within the library setting. Frequently stepping up to fill weekend shifts on short notice when scheduling gaps emerge, Echo’s reliability has been invaluable in maintaining smooth operations. Not only have they shown a keen willingness to contribute to the library’s functions, but they’ve also exhibited a genuine eagerness to expand their knowledge and support other departments within the Libraries & Learning Commons. Echo’s consistent dedication and proactive approach are commendable traits that greatly benefit our team. We deeply appreciate Echo’s contributions and look forward to their continued involvement in enhancing our library services. Thank you, Echo, for your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm!


Makerspace Creative Assistant – Madisan Calleros

Madisan has been with the Makerspace for the past two years and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow and take on more leadership roles this semester. This semester Madisan helped lead sessions for an art class and has exhibited remarkable talent in guiding and encouraging her peers. Not only does she excel in educating others about the tools and equipment in the Makerspace but she also fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment where everyone feels empowered to express themselves creatively. Additionally, Madisan took the initiative to organize and plan projects for the Maker Fair. Furthermore, Madison has showcased her innovative spirit by delivering captivating Virtual Reality presentations to both the ULV President and Faculty. These presentations not only highlighted her technical proficiency but also demonstrated her ability to think outside the box. What truly sets Madisan apart is her natural inclination to take initiative. She consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, always seeking out new opportunities to contribute and make a positive impact. Madisan’s proactive approach and willingness to tackle challenges head-on makes her someone that peers can look up to. Thank you Madisan for all your hard work and dedication this semester!


Tutor – Allison Pari

Allison has been a wonderful addition to our tutoring staff and Student Learning Assistants (SLA).

She embodies compassion and genuine care with her students; her nurturing approach fosters an environment where students feel valued and supported, inspiring engagement even in the most hesitant of learners. She actively participates in departmental initiatives, showing her dedication to her role and the ASC. Her strong work ethic and excellent communication sets a standard of excellence. Allison embodies the essence of what it means to be a pillar of support within the ASC and we appreciate her! Thank you Allison! You are a welcoming and compassionate person and continuously demonstrate your dedication to ULV and the ASC! You will be missed! We wish you the best and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!


Student Initiatives Specialist – Bella Dominguez

It is hard to narrow down just a few things about Bella, as she is deserving of a lengthy list of ways in which she has been an asset to the ASC. Bella is the friendly smile, the helpful hand, the brain that is always thinking two steps ahead so things run smoothly and efficiently. Along with being organized and detailed, Bella is imaginative and brings her creative ideas, designs, and efforts to the ASC team, participating in delivering training, creating bulletin board displays, and bringing a new effort to the ASC – that of service to others. Bella’s heart and passion is in everything she does, and she serves as an exemplary model for all ASC employees. Her dedication, efforts, and openness to feedback demonstrate the leader that she is. Bella has grown so much in her leadership abilities and knowledge, and we can’t wait to see her further develop as she looks towards her final year of undergrad. Bella, thank you for being an amazing leader within the ASC – there is so much we would not be able to do without you!