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Multicultural Children’s Books


“Children’s books continue to be an invaluable source of information and values. They reflect the attitudes in our society about diversity, power relationships among different groups of people, and various social identities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, economic class, sexual orientation, and disability). The visual and verbal messages young children absorb from books (and other media) heavily influence their ideas about themselves and others. Depending on the quality of the book, they can reinforce (or undermine) children’s affirmative self-concept, teach accurate (or misleading) information about people of various identities, and foster positive (or negative) attitudes about diversity. Children’s books teach children about who is important, who matters, who is even visible. Consequently, carefully choosing quality children’s books is an indispensable educational and child-rearing task.

It is important to offer young children a range of books about people like them and their family—as well as about people who are different from them and their family. All of the books should be accurate and appealing to young children. Fortunately, there are some good anti-bias children’s books, which are available as a result of the ongoing activism of many individuals and groups over many years. However, while choices have improved over past decades, the lack of quality multicultural kid’s books currently being published has frustrated many communities. The number of children of color in the United States continues to rise, but the number of books published by or about people of color stays the same or even decreases.”

-Lousie Derman-Sparks, Teaching for Change (

FOR RECOMMENDATIONS AND EVALUATIONS GUIDES, see the Multicultural Children’s Book Guide

What Are You Reading This Weekend?

What’s on your reading list?  Check out the new additions to our popular reading collection!

Popular Reading

Pop Read ATWO. MaddAddam : a novel / Margaret Atwood

Pop Read BAKE. Traveling sprinkler : a novel / Nicholson Baker

Pop Read CARD. Ender’s game / Orson Scott Card

Pop Read COET. The childhood of Jesus / J.M. Coetzee

Pop Read DIXO. His wife leaves him / Stephen Dixon

Pop Read DRAB. The pure gold baby / Margaret Drabble

Pop Read KENE. The Daughters of Mars : A Novel / Thomas Keneally

Pop Read LAHI. The lowland : a novel / Jhumpa Lahiri

Pop Read LAMO. Stitches : a handbook on meaning, hope and repair / Anne Lamott

Pop Read LETH. Dissident gardens : a novel / Jonathan Lethem

Pop Read MAHE. The new new rules : a funny look at how everybody but me has their head up their ass / Bill Maher

Pop Read MCMI. Who asked you? / Terry McMillan

Pop Read PYNC. Bleeding edge / Thomas Pynchon

Pop Read ROTH. Allegiant / Veronica Roth

Pop Read RUSH. Subtle bodies / Norman Rush

Pop Read TART. The goldfinch / Donna Tartt

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