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Library Technology Services

Technology available for check out

Technology loan policies

TechnologyCurrent StudentsFaculty/Staff
Laptops4 HoursNot Available
iPads4 Hours or 3 DaysNot Available
Netbooks3 DaysNot Available
Headphones4 HoursNot Available
Mac chargers4 HoursNot Available
Phone chargers4 HoursNot Available
Calculators4 Hours or 1 DayNot Available
Presentation Package
(Swivl, tripod)
3 Days3 Days
Flash Drives4 HoursNot Available
Oculus Rift3 Days3 Days
Makey Makey14 Days14 Days
Voice Recorder1 Day1 Day

**No technology check outs allowed for Alumni, IEALC students, SCELC faculty, Wilson Associates, or University Contracted Employees.


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