The University of La Verne promotes compliance with copyright law and understanding of the appropriate use of copyrighted works. The University of La Verne Copyright Committee provides guidance to faculty, staff, and students on the use of copyrighted works, the fair use exemption, and offers training programs to promote copyright compliance and awareness.

It is the responsibility of all University faculty, staff, and students to comply with copyright law and to make a good faith determination as to whether their use of materials constitutes fair use. Members of the University community who willfully disregard the University’s copyright policy do so at their own risk and assume all liability.

Further information on copyright issues:

Fair Use:  Information on Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law and how it pertains to your teaching.

Getting Permission:  Examples and information on getting permission to use copyrighted materials in your teaching and research.

Plagiarism:  Examples and information about plagiarism awareness in your teaching.

For further information about the University’s copyright policies, please contact University Copyright Officer in the Wilson Library at (909) 448-4300 or