Gift Policy

At this time, we are not accepting book donations

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Esteron at (909) 448-4319.


  • Gifts that are accepted become the property of Wilson Library. Decisions about retention, classification, location and use will be determined by the Library in accordance with our resource development policy.
  • Donors are requested to provide a list of materials for consideration that includes title, author and date of publication. Large gifts of print material will not be accepted unless the donor has first contacted the library at or spoken with the library’s Coordinator of Resource Development at (909) 448-4319.
  • Donors are required to sign a form releasing the materials to the ownership by the library. These forms are available at the Circulation Desk.
  • Major gifts and rare materials for the archives and special collections are handled through the University Librarian’s office.
  • The library will not accept gifts that are damaged (i.e. by water, smoke, mildew, excessive wear, etc.) or gifts that have been discarded from other libraries.
  • The library does not provide any estimate or statement regarding the value of gifts.