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Student Advice

The advice I would give to incoming freshmen from my experience here at La Verne  is definitely just remember to stay true to yourself and during difficult times remember what your end goal is: a degree. My freshman year, I felt  lost and I put myself into the working 2 jobs while being a full time student. I learned how to time manage and know what was more important, an assignment or a Netflix binge marathon. I’m not going to lie, it was a journey of many failures as well as many wins. I am still learning to this day on how to be a more productive student and person. 

I did get to meet people and do classes and you know it was very nice but the one thing I would suggest to people as you know don’t distract yourself too much from your work because it will affect you in the long run with your GPA and graduate school. Apart from the academic side, college is very fun no being a freshman you get to experience new things in a new side of a new life that you’re building for yourself so always remember to have fun and you know just build that discipline within yourself to balance your life. That would be my biggest advice: you know just figuring out your balance, how much can you and put into your academic life into your social life into your family into so many things that make your life you and what makes you unique and just remember to be true to yourself. 


  1. Time Management 
  2. Make the time to go to ULV Events (socialize and meet amazing people)
  3. When at times things seem overwhelming, step back and breathe 
  4. Really enjoy this time in our lives! We are only so young once 🙂