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November Database of the Month

ICPSR database

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) preserves and provides access to valuable data resources for the social and behavioral research community. Their archivists are experts at curating data for reuse and/or validation of research findings. ICPSR data span many disciplines including sociology, political science, criminology, history, education, demography, gerontology, public health, economics, and psychology.

Why People Use ICPSR:

  • Write articles, papers, or theses using real research data
  • Conduct secondary research (analysis) to support findings of current research or to generate new findings
  • Study or teach quantitative methods (data analysis techniques)
  • Study data curation and repository management
  • Use as intro material in grant proposals
  • Preserve/disseminate primary research data
  • Fulfill data management plan (grant) and data sharing requirements


You can find ICPSR and other library databases on the Databases page.