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Database of the Month: March 2019

Our Database of the Month for March is NetAdvantage! This database is a great resource to access company profiles, industry surveys, stock reports, and fund reports.

Database of the Month: February 2019

Our Database of the Month for February is Academic Writer! This database is a great resource to learn, write and cite in APA Style.

Christopher Grime

Christopher Grime presents on the Course and Faculty Management System, a Web Application with the purpose of allowing educational organizations to efficiently organize and manage their courses and faculty.

Anabel Martinez: The Bigger Issue of Urbanization

In author Mike Davis’ “Ecology of Fear,” Davis discusses how cities like Los Angeles are the center of natural disasters, but doesn’t reveal how the urbanization of these cities contributes to the dangers of natural disasters. In a Prezi, I will be presenting how urbanization is a factor to this.

Mario Ramirez

Mario Ramirez presents “Marketing for Non-Profit” as part of Celebrating Research, Scholarship, Creativity and Engagement @ La Verne.