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24/7 Library Hours and De-Stress Activities


The library will be open 24 hours a day from
Sunday, May 20th at noon until Saturday, June 2nd at 5pm.


During these two weeks join us for a variety of de-stress activities!


Arts & Crafts and Virtual Reality Games
Frame Decorating Monday, May 21 4p-6p
Button Making
Tuesday, May 22 7p-9p
Origami Wed., May 23 5p-7p
Virtual Reality Games Thursday, May 24 8p-10p
Button Making Thursday, May 24 1p-3p
Watercolor Painting
Sunday, May 27 7p-9p
Virtual Reality Games Monday, May 28 8p-10p
Button Making Tuesday, May 29 7p-9p
Virtual Reality Games Wednesday, May 30 6p-8p
Coloring Thursday, May 31 5p-7p


Therapy Dogs
Monday, May 21 10a-12p & 7p-9p
Tuesday, May 22 10a-12p
Wednesday, May 23 10a-12p & 7p-9p
Monday, May 28 10a-12p & 4p-6p
Tuesday, May 29 ** 10:30a-12:30p
Wednesday, May 30 10a-12p
Thursday, May 31 10a-12p

** Therapy Horse


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