Hoover’s Online

Hoover’s Online is being discontinued in 2018.

As a result, Wilson Library is no longer subscribing to this resource. Here are recommended alternatives for company information.

Business Insights Global – Delivers comprehensive international business intelligence. Includes Global Histories, SWOT Reports, Thomson Reuters Company Financials and Investment Reports, Market Share Reports, and Industry Research Essays.

NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor’s) – Provides up-to-date capital market research. It is an extensive source of business and investment information that offers access to S&P Capital IQ’s research-related products such as industry surveys, stock reports, corporation records, mutual fund reports and more.

Business Market Research Collection – This database contains company, industry, economic and geopolitical market research from sources including Hoover’s Company Profiles, OxResearch from Oxford Analystica, and Snapshots

For more information, take a look at our Company & Industry Information guide!

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